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Will Banks Make it Easier to Borrow in 2014?

March 19th, 2014

The new Dodd-Frank rules have been in place for nearly two months now.  The reviews are mixed on how they are affecting the housing market.  Rick Sharga, VP of, will share his outlook on 2014.

Find out:

> Where hedge funds are currently buying
> Who won’t be able to qualify under the new lending guidelines
> When we can expect a full economic recovery

Rick Sharga was an Executive Vice President at RealtyTrak and then Carrington Mortgage Holdings.  He shares deep insight from a banking, foreclosure tracking and hedge fund back ground.



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A Unique Commercial Real Estate Concept – The Shasta Wine Village

January 14th, 2014

Imagine owning part of a wine village – a development that features tasting rooms from a variety of off-the beaten track but high quality California wines.  And this development would feature, restaurants, picnic tables and an area for special events like weddings, fundraisers and concerts.  Sound good?

Normally opportunities like this are only available to the ultra rich, but what if small investors had the chance to participate?

On this episode of the Real Wealth Show, you’ll learn more about an asset that pays out monthly cash flow year after year after year, but also has the potential for incredible price appreciation.  And it tastes great too. :-)

Our guest tells us how he is creating this very exciting and unique wine village near Shasta Lake in California…and how we might be able to join him.

Marcus has over 35 years experience as a specialist in land and property development.  He has served as general partner and managing partner with companies possessing an excess of $250M in committed acquisition funds.  And he’s had a dream that is now coming true.



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Why Indianapolis is Still on Our Hot Market List

January 6th, 2014

As prices rise and cash flows decline nationwide, it’s more important than ever to do your homework before buying investment property.

Only a few cities in America still offer the opportunity to buy property below replacement cost, and enjoy cash flow while values increase steadily over time.

In this show, Kathy interviews both a property manager and acquisitions manager in the Indianapolis area. Find out why and where hedge funds are buying in Indiana, and how you can profit in this revitalized city.


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Where to Get the Best Apartment Deals Today?

December 14th, 2013

Investors are flocking to Dallas, Houston and Atlanta to buy apartments, but have they missed the boat?  If so, where is the next best deal in multi-family property?

In this episode of the Real Wealth Show, Kathy Fettke interviews a veteran investor who liquidated at the peak of the bubble, and then jumped back in the game in 2009.  Since then he’s built up a $30M portfolio.

Find out where he’s investing, what type of multi-family properties he likes, and how his unique strategy creates infinite returns.


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